The History of Snackfetti

After we became a Certified B Corp. in January 2020, we pursued a logo refresh to better highlight our new B Corp. status. The design agency we hired (Bullhorn Creative – also a Certified B Corp.) found that our greatest differentiator was our people. They believed that our logo and our messaging should reflect how we connect with our people both internally and externally.  

Along with our new blue ‘Wyandot Snacks’ corporate logo, came a special print that highlights the snacks we make. It consists of straight lines (single screw puffs), squiggly lines (twin screw puffs), and triangles (tortilla chips). We named the snack-shaped, brightly colored confetti, “SNACKFETTI!”  


*** Wyandot made the decision, in May 2022, to allow our B Corp. certification to expire. While we no longer are a Certified B Corporation and carry the B Corp. banner, we still have and will uphold the principles of a socially and environmentally responsible company, as we did prior to receiving certification.

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