Let's create better snacks together.®

We redefine what a snack should be.

We partner with leading and emerging brands to create exciting plant-based snacks. We innovate. And we invest in the quality to make better-for-you snacks for everyone. Let our SNACKFETTI guide you to the snack which best suits your needs.

Work should mean something.

Our positive impact reaches all of our stakeholders: our neighbors, co-workers, shareholders, suppliers, the environment.

Our Values

Our roots run deep.

For over 85 years, we have collaborated with leading and emerging brands to create exciting snack foods. At Wyandot Snacks, we embody the focus of a startup company with the resources and discipline of an industry leader.

Our Story

Our people are the heart of this company.

Connection drives our work, and every member of our team plays a role in what we do. We are a dedicated company with a passion for making fun and healthy snacks.

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The Better Way To Snack®