We are creating
a unique and sustainable culture.

Our team-based culture is committed to customer success, sustainability, and excellence. Our teammates are passionate about innovation, quality, reducing waste, and adding value. If you are looking for a company that provides a great work environment, ways to contribute to our success immediately, as well as opportunities for career advancement and a full complement of benefits, Wyandot Snacks is the place for you.

We are connected to our community.

Marion is our local community. For years we have supported local, partnering with suppliers, makers, and other companies to lower our carbon footprint and build positive relationships. We also donate snacks and funds to local organizations as part of our mission to give back.

As a Certified B Corporation, we believe our positive impact reaches all of our stakeholders: our neighbors, co-workers, shareholders, suppliers, the environment. And Wyandot Snacks is growing. Our current plan includes additional locations throughout the U.S. Stay tuned for updates.

Does this sound like your kind of team?

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