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Contract Manufacturing

Are you looking for the best partner to produce your product? We’ve got the passion and expertise you need.

Whether you’re as seasoned as our snacks or a new brand, we're your best partner. We will treat your product with enthusiasm and respect. Our team of food scientists is ready to make your product a reality. Rest assured you’re in excellent hands from concept to your first commercial run, and beyond.

We value quality and safety. Our best is the best on the market. As experts in extrusion, masa and stone-ground tortilla chips, and popcorn, we’re the one-stop-shop for everything you need. Let's do the next big snack thing together.

Food Service

We serve the largest and most recognized restaurant, food service, and institutional brands in the world. Our “Innovative Crunch” line of tortilla chips, strips, and extruded products was chosen by large quick-service restaurant (QSR) chains to deliver appeal and crunch to their menus. Partner with our team to accelerate your project plan from ideation to prototype development, to table.

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Our SNACKFETTI shows how we can make your snack needs fun and creative.

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We have a team of experts to help you choose everything from the perfect corrugate to pouches for your products. We work with local suppliers offering high-quality materials to meet your expectations for design, shelf life, sturdiness, and sustainability. Your snacks will definitely stand out on the shelves.

Sourcing and Raw Materials

We take responsible sourcing seriously. Every ingredient that goes into our products comes from thoroughly vetted suppliers that meet our standards regarding food safety, quality, and taste. From our corn to our packaging, we support our community’s farmers and makers.

In our mission to provide the best better-for-you products, we confirm and document all of your needs: non-GMO, organic, kosher, or the highest quality protein. Our dedicated team of food scientists takes quality and innovation to heart, crafting healthier snacks with the best ingredients consumers crave without sacrificing flavor.

Our Facilities

Wyandot's home is in Marion, Ohio. Our 250,000 square feet, state-of-the-art manufacturing and warehousing facility is within a day's drive of two-thirds of the U.S. population, with easy access to our nation's railway system. In other words, we can get snacks delivered quickly. With an additional 130,000 square feet warehouse for repackaging and consolidation located offsite, we have plenty of room to create your snacks.

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