How Wyandot Snacks is Winning with Better-For-You Snacking, and Better-For-You Customer Service

For over 85 years, Wyandot Snacks has built a successful business manufacturing better-for-you snack foods for a variety of brands. A large amount of this success is attributed to the Wyandot team’s commitment to building collaborative relationships with customers, understanding the challenges they face and helping them succeed. This partnership mentality is an important part of the value Wyandot adds to its offerings. And while it is possible to find other snack foods manufacturers at a lower price, these savings often come at the cost of the values that the team at Wyandot holds dear.


A little over a year ago, a long-term client decided to end their partnership with Wyandot after decades of doing business together. The move was solely motivated by the close physical proximity of the new supplier, as well as the lower costs they were able to offer. Much to the disappointment of the Wyandot Snacks team, the customer completely transitioned that piece of their business away from Wyandot during the summer of 2020.

Better-For-You Snacks, and Business

Business carried on as usual for Wyandot, until just under one year later when the former customer reached back out. After their work to approve the new supplier and transition their business, the supplier had been acquired by a new company who decided to drop the customer’s business. And while it’s considered an industry standard to give ample warning in advance before ending such an agreement, the new company gave the customer just two weeks’ notice before their arrangement came to an end. In addition, the timing was particularly poor because the customer was preparing for a promotion involving the product and expecting increased orders very soon.

The customer found a temporary solution by sourcing an alternative product that kept them in business, but the replacement was expensive and a departure from the consistency that their customers had come to expect.

Running short on options, the customer contacted Wyandot for help. The Wyandot team happily agreed.

The Relationship Matters

Wyandot realized the urgency of the situation and immediately got to work to begin producing the customer’s product as quickly as possible. It took several days of scrambling and working long hours, but Wyandot was able to expedite setup of the returning account and reduce what

is normally a three-week-long process to only three days. The customer’s product also required branded film for packaging, which Wyandot was able to source very quickly due to strong supplier relationships. Aside from waiting for the branded film to arrive for packaging, Wyandot was able to return the former customer’s account back to “active” status within 72 hours of their initial call for help.

Demonstrating Wyandot’s Values

The team at Wyandot Snacks is particularly proud of this story, because it represents the core values of quality and a commitment to true customer service. It is in the spirit of Wyandot to go above and beyond to keep our customers up and running, and the Wyandot Snacks team was able to do so quickly and efficiently for a former customer in trouble.

If you would like to know more about this story, or what Wyandot Snacks can do for your business, contact us today.

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