2020 Sustainability Results: A Sincere “Thank You” to Our Partners

Partnering with our customers to help them succeed has always been a top priority for Wyandot Snacks, but tantamount to our success in business is our sense of duty to each other and the world we all share. That’s why we work hard to ensure that when a waste stream is disposed of that it is recycled with the least amount of impact to the environment. Accomplishing this goal took years of finding and partnering with the right local and national companies who are also committed to this charge. However, since doing so, our progress toward reducing our environmental impact has come in leaps and bounds. 

Wyandot Snacks would like to take this opportunity to recognize our sustainability partners and the work we have accomplished together in 2020. 

G.A. Wintzer & Son Co. (Wapakoneta, OH)

G.A. Wintzer & Son services a large amount of laying companies and feed mills throughout all of Ohio and much of Indiana. It collects raw materials from restaurants, grocery stores, food processors and butcher shops, diverting these materials from the landfill to recycle them back into usable products 

In 2020, Wyandot and G.A. Wintzer & Son have recycled 188,826 pounds of cooking oils to produce 132,178 pounds of animal feed ingredients and 6,784 gallons of recycled water. Wyandot also locally refined 321,000 pounds of cooking oil. 

KAMPS National Pallet Solutions (Columbus, OH)

KAMPS Pallets services customers in central and northern Ohio by providing custom pallet recycling solutions and wood pallets. The Columbus location is part of 150 KAMPS locations nationwide, specializing in pallet recycling services. 

In 2020, together with KAMPS, Wyandot purchased 82,614 used pallets and recycled 6,839 pallets saving 4,703 trees, 2,516 metric tons of CO2, and diverting 1,655 tons of materials from the landfill. The environmental impact these savings create equates to taking 8,583 cars off the road. 

Pratt Recycling Inc. (Wapakoneta, OH)

Pratt Industries operates an extensive recycling company to supply five of the most modern, cost-effective 100% recycled paper mills in the country. The company is dedicated to the sustainability of the environment, its customers and its people. 

In partnership with Pratt, Wyandot has recycled corrugate, paper, plastic bags and core recycling totaling 261.7 tons of material in 2020. 

Price Farms Organics, Ltd. (Delaware, OH)

Price Farms Organics is a family-owned business established in 1997 with the goal of providing residents and businesses in Central Ohio with the opportunity to recycle organic materials and to produce the highest quality compost, soil and mulch products available. 

By partnering with Price Farms Organics in 2020, Wyandot has recycled 1956.7 tons of corn sludge waste stream into landscaping mulch and compost for landscapers, schools and universities, businesses, municipalities and the general public. 

ReConserve of Ohio, Inc. (Marion, OH)

ReConserve® provides sanitary, efficient removal and recycling services to the food and feed manufacturing industries nationwide. ReConserve’s plants turn select food waste into a high-energy, highly palatable dried component for livestock feed. 

ReConserve of Ohio recycles all of the food waste for Wyandot Snacks. In 2020, the company recycled 4,426,280 pounds of Wyandot food waste into livestock feed. 

Renergy, Inc. | A Bioenergy Company (Delware, OH)   

Renergy is a green energy company founded by a third-generation farmer to recycle waste materials into energy and nutrients using anaerobic digestion. 

Together, Wyandot and Renergy reused 520,000 gallons of liquified waste through an anaerobic digester, creating over 60 tons of organic fertilizer and 150,000 kWH of renewable energy in 2020. 

Sims Brothers Recycling (Marion, OH)

Sims Brothers has served households, farms, businesses and industries across Central Ohio with recycling services for over 80 years. 

In 2020, Wyandot partnered with Sims Brothers to recycle 17,040 of mixed steel.

In addition to these cooperative efforts with our partners, Wyandot has reduced its water usage through product selection, repairs and other usage reduction projects, lowering the gallon-per-pound-produced rate from 1.13388 to .93537. These savings equate to an over 17% water usage reduction, or 13,409 gallons of water in 2020. 

We are proud of the progress we made toward making the world a better place in 2020. We offer sincere thanks to our employees, our community and our sustainability partners, without whom these great achievements wouldn’t be possible. And we look forward to a bright future and continued success improving our world!

If you would like to know more about this story, or what Wyandot Snacks can do for your business, contact us today. 


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